What do you get when you take the legendary Malcolm Smith, Off Road Icon Randy Hawkins and 4X current champion Paul Whibley? The greatest Off Road Apparel R&D Team ever, that’s what!


MSR has over 40 years of experience developing, designing and racing in the Off Road market. Stemming from the roots of Malcolm Smith himself, MSR continues to push the boundaries of Off Road gear that not only has superb stylinV Vbut also superior functionality deriving from the minds of the worlds greatest off road racers. Combine this with MSR’s Three Tier Protection System and Tech Fabrics and you have yourself gear that will make you feel like a world champion also.


Make sure to use our Tech Tier System to find the gear that suits you best for your riding conditions. With heritage like ours in off road racing, MSR’s gear is sure to meet or exceed your expectations.